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Bharat to India Inc. - Stories of Grit

Every month we honor achievers from India Inc. These go getters are people who have risen from the hinterlands of Bharat. They have overcome the language and cultural barriers to rise to top echelons of business, government, education, sports or arts . Their stories of grit and determination are the exact tonic to motivate you to dream big and  achieve your dreams. 

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We offer a comprehensive, customizable and cost effective suite of language and communication skills assessment tools.



From business communication to writing skills and positive transformational vocabulary, our coaching programs combine the best of human expertise and technology enablement.


If communication and language are important for you then you can find your place in our vibrant communities organized along industries, locations and even organizations.

Want to see the Power of Language
transform your organization?

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“Qualiant delivers Business English coaching for our team spread across 300 locations. Customized content  and efficient delivery.”

L&D Lead, Bajaj Finance Limited

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