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Qualiant's Services

Helping you calibrate, cultivate and curate your organization's conversations

Good Grades


Our assessments are accurate, easy to deploy and cost-effective for small as well as large teams. We also build custom assessments for unique client needs. Our assessments cover:

  • Language: Business English proficiency, reading comprehension, listening comprehension, writing skills, speaking skills.

  • Communication and culture:  Positive/Negative vocabulary usage, language patterns, common themes, anecdotes and stories.

Online Workshop


Our coaching programs encompass the entire spectrum of conversations in your organization. An individual team member may need language learning for more effective conversations with senior management. An entire team may need language pattern modification for better collaboration. Our flexible, technology-enabled instructor-led, coaching solutions do it all. 

Online Workshop


We run curated conversation learning communities categorized by industry, function and domain. These communities help their members refine their language and conversation skills within the context of their industry, function or domain. We also run custom communities for organizations. Contact us in case your want a community set up for your organization.


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